Relative Ease - Blender Add-on

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Relative Ease brings some of the most useful Motion Design tools to Blender.

This add-on employs percentage values called influence to apply easing, as you may find in different software packages.

Once you install the zip file like any other add-on, you will find the panels in the graph editor and in the dope sheet editor.

Key Features:

  • Use influence sliders to adjust easing for multiple keyframes at once:

  • Use the set button to apply your current settings to new keyframes, or press alt + click to read the current values of a single keyframe:

  • The influence is projected while maintaining the angle of the handles. Use the flat handle button to flatten both handles on the y-axis, creating a rest point:

  • Auto Smooth recalculates the f-curve for selected keyframes with Blender’s default influence of 33.3%. Auto Clamped does the same thing, but without overshooting the values. You can then set a custom influence:

  • Copy the relative ease from selected keyframes, and paste it in another group of keyframes. You can paste it onto multiple properties, as long as the number of keyframes in each f-curve matches:


-When copying the ease from more than one channel, only the data from the first channel will be copied.

- When moving a keyframe, the influence is not updated automatically, so you will have to reapply it. This only happens automatically if the keyframes are set to Auto or Auto Clamped (preserving an influence of 33.3%).

- When setting the influence of a handle that is completely vertical, to avoid projection towards infinity, the handle will automatically flatten out. For angles that are nearly vertical, it is likely convenient to flatten the handles, to avoid highly pronounced peaks.

- This add-on is designed for f-curves with few points, mostly for Motion Design. For baked animations, with one keyframe per frame, you will need to use other tools.

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Relative Ease - Blender Add-on

18 ratings
I want this!